Trying to launch a tech startup? Need funding? We can help.

For more than 20 years, Community Investment Corporation (CIC) has been helping improve the Southern Arizona economy by offering microloans to underserved communities and entrepreneurs. Building on its expertise, CIC has now partnered with Go For Vertical (G4V), Tucson’s technology accelerator for startups, to expand its mission to include new tech startups.

Through our new Startup Funding Program, CIC and G4V can provide micro-funding to qualified startups so that they can build the first versions of their technology, and begin gaining traction with their target market.


Potential companies must follow three steps in the CIC/G4V Startup Funding Program. To give you the best chance to succeed, Go For Vertical will provide guidance and support through each step.

1. Work with G4V on your startup. Startups have to successfully complete our CLIMB accelerator program or demonstrate readiness for funding by working with Go For Vertical on a training or consulting basis. This helps ensures that potential companies have the right team, a solid business or social impact model, a strong understanding of the product they need to deliver, and a demonstrated commitment and drive. The goal is that startups demonstrate their capacity to create market value and deliver results.

2. Complete the Vertical analysis for your technology. This is the detailed blueprint or roadmap for the product your startup needs to deliver. Go For Vertical will work with teams to help complete this process so that the project is then “shovel ready.”

3. Scope out and estimate a strategic prototype. The final step is to come up with an accurate estimate of time, budget and resources needed to create the first release of your technology. This will be a strategic prototype that demonstrates value to your target audience.

Provided the amount needed fits into the parameters of the program, then the startup can be approved for funding. CIC then provides the funding to Go For Vertical — and in turn it’s applied directly to pay for the work to be done using proven G4V-approved resources, which we help manage through to completion.

The outcome: your startup has delivered the first and most critical release of its technology, and is ready to test the market.



How much can I funded for?

The program provides funding up to $5000. This represents up to 250 hours of work with G4V’s product development team.


What’s the result?

Your startup can launch a strategic prototype that delivers real value to your target market.

Don't wait for the future.


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