If your startup project starts with design or coding, you're doing it wrong.

Delivering software is like building a skyscraper: you wouldn't do it without a site plan and detailed blueprints for everything, right? But most tech startups do exactly that. They dive right into design or coding, with the expectation that they will somehow figure out and deliver a complex software product. But the chances of doing that successfully are close to zero without the proper analysis and framework behind the process. 

Vertical is a new way of doing software right.

Vertical takes the focus away from this approximation, failure and endless iteration, and replaces it with getting things done right in the first place. It's never driven by what your designers or engineers think your software is supposed to do, but by your business objectives, the needs of all your stakeholders (not just the end users), and the critical functions and features they need, not what the engineers think they do.  

No more huge budgets, bad releases, and missed deadlines.

The bottom line is that Vertical makes software development dramatically more time- and cost-effective. That in turn makes it possible to launch software startups quickly, usually for a fraction of the cost of traditional software development.

Plus, the Vertical framework drives best practices throughout the software development lifecycle, from business analysis to project and product management, coding, testing, and deployment. Meaning software engineering failures won't derail your hard-fought software business plans.

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I wish we had known about Vertical when we first launched Artfire. We could have spent a lot less and launched a lot faster if we had.
— Tony Ford, COO and Co-Founder, Artfire.com