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Welcome to Go For Vertical, Arizona’s new technology accelerator.

Go For Vertical helps ambitious early-stage tech entrepreneurs develop technology, build teams, and launch startups. We started in Austin in 2005, but relocated to Tucson in 2015, and have been working with Arizona-grown teams ever since to deliver the solutions they need to go to market.

We do it all with Vertical, our battle-proven framework that we use to find the right path for each startup. With Vertical, our teams can deliver amazing business, design and engineering results, which means validating their business model, developing the right technology, and finding product-market fit as quickly as possible.

Go For Vertical works with teams like yours to help build amazing technology and launch their startups. Click here to apply to Arizona's new tech startup accelerator now.


Our offices are located at Connect Coworking, in the heart of the new downtown Tucson. It's an amazing space to work in and to launch and grow a startup.

Building technology is hard, and launching startups around it is even harder. In fact, it’s a lot like climbing a vertical rock face — there are countless ways to fail, and only a few ways to succeed and reach the top.

But you can do it with the right team, planning, and execution. So that’s what we do.
— Edward Cruz, CEO and Founder


We are based in beautiful Tucson, Arizona, and work out of Connect Coworking in the heart of downtown:

33 S 5th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85701




(520) 261-4553


Go For Vertical has an impressive track record. 

With a 20-year history of successfully delivering complex enterprise software already behind us, Go For Vertical now focuses on launching new tech startups in Tucson. Here are just a few examples from our current and recent roster of projects.




A private social network for the Greek fraternity and sorority system. Launched in November 2015 and acquired in August 2016.



A local deal website that uses a unique predictive geolocation algorithm that finds deals based on future consumer behavior. Launched in March 2016.



A social virtual reality platform. Vertical was used to develop the entire technology stack, including the mobile app, backend and AWS servers, and the custom VR hardware for this project. Launched in February 2017.


A new mobile app to discover, collect, and share your favorite dishes. Launching in 4Q 2018.


Better On Call

On-demand house calls with a primary care physician for just $99. Beta lunched in May 2017.



A startup in the publishing space that partners with authors and publishers to bring readers the best eBooks for free on their unique advertising-driven platform. Launched in September 2017.

Meet your new business, creative and technical team. 

The Vertical process isn't all that we do. Our Go For Vertical team builds amazing creative and business solutions from concept to execution, and delivers remarkable results for our startups. 

Edward Cruz

Founder, Vertical Evangelist

Sam Garst

Business Development

Andrew Slattery


Adam Lerhman

Marketing and Design

Ian Crombie

UI/UX, Branding and Identity

Apply to our program and start launching your startup today.

Go For Vertical has a limited number of spots for startups available, and we have a unique membership model that helps build community and make launching new startups in Tucson possible: we have a flat monthly membership fee for teams to join our program. It ranges from $10 per month for students to $100 per month for unfunded startup teams.

Your first month is always free. That gets you started on our Vertical track, plus gives you access to our network or mentors and advisors, in-depth talks and workshops with industry experts, and introductions to our growing network of investors and venture capital firms. In other words, everything you need to launch your startup.

And once you are funded, we come up with a custom plan to help you with everything from UI/UX design to coding to marketing to sales and business development. It's a long-term engagement, and we're in it the whole way to help your startup succeed.

Get started on your free month now! There is never any obligation. Just the help and support you need to launch your new tech startup.

I wish we had known about Vertical when we first launched Artfire. We could have spent a lot less and gone to market a lot faster if we had.
— Tony Ford, Artfire.com Co-founder and COO

Ready to Go For Vertical?

If you have the vision and drive to change the world through technology, we want to work with you. We'll get you started on the Vertical process, and help you learn how to conquer tech and business challenges and launch your startup.

Use this form to reach us, or you can contact us directly by phone, online, or meet with us in person in our office at Connect Coworking in downtown Tucson.

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